Friday, 10 June 2016

Barcode Bazaar Ribbon For Fargo DTC1250 And DTC 1000

Barcode bazaar is India’s leading card printer selling company and service provider. We are distributors for the Fargo Aadhar card Printers. We are offering complete card printing solution which include Forgo card Printer, Ribbon, Aadhar pre printed Cards, software and services. There is many kind of cartage for this printer according to use, printing images, and panels.
One time useable Single Side printing Five Panel color cartage:  Fargo 45000 YMCKO (250 prints) and Fargo 45200  (500 prints).Refillable cartage color cartage:  45015 YMCKO (250 prints).One time useable dual Side printing color cartage 6 panel: FARGO 45010 (200 Images) .Half panel one time use: Fargo 45014 Half-Panel ribbon (350 Images) . Half panel refillable Fargo 45029 (350 Images). One time useable black cartage: FARGO 45102 (1000 Images). Black cartage refillable: FARGO 45117 (1000 prints). All of these ribbons is for use with Fargo DTC 1250 And DTC1000.
All types  of Ribbon for all the Forgo card Printer is always there in stock of Barcode Bazar.

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