Wednesday, 8 June 2016

Letatwin Ferrule Printer Black ink Ribbon LM-IR300B

We Barcode Bazar are one of the renowned in the ferrule printing Industry, we are distributors for the letatwin ferrule printing machines and Consumables . Letawin Max is the Japan make ferrule printing machine used for the printing Letatwin pvc tubes and Letatwin PVC Tapes. Letatwin Max Machines are available in two different model.

One is Letatwin LM-390A ferrule printer which comes with the PC Connectivity feature i.e. high end machine. Other one is the basic model Letatwin LM-380E, that is the manual ferrule printing machine which comes with the USB feature. Letatwin ink Ribbons are same for letatwin LM390A, Letatwin Lm380E, Letatwin LM-380A, Letatwin 370A and the part no for the same is LM-IR300B.

Letatwin black ink ribbon for all the Letatwin Electronic Lettering Machine is always there in stock of Barcode Bazar. For any of the orders please contact

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