Tuesday, 14 June 2016

Barcode Bazar Certified Supplier Of FARGO Ribbons

Barcode Bazar  is authorized dealer of FARGO. We provide services and consumable for FARGO printer at reasonable price.  We are supplier  of FARGO printer  and ribbons all over India. We always have a stock of FARGO ribbons with us like FARGO 45000 YMCKO (250 prints) and FARGO 45200  (500 prints).Refillable cartage color cartage:  45015 YMCKO (250 prints).One time useable dual Side printing color cartage 6 panel: FARGO 45010 (200 Images) .Half panel one time use: FARGO 45014 Half-Panel ribbon (350 Images) . Half panel refillable FARGO 45029 (350 Images). One time useable black cartage: FARGO 45102 (1000 Images). Black cartage refillable: FARGO 45117 (1000 prints). FARGO Direct-to-Card Printers require highly specialized supplies to function properly. The FARGO DTC1000Me, DTC1250e, and DTC4250e Card Printers use a one piece, disposable ribbon cartridge system. To maximize printer durability, reliability and printed card quality, you must use only FARGO certified supplies. For this reason, your FARGO warranty is void, where not prohibited by law, if you use non-FARGO certified supplies. Printer cleaning is recommended with each ribbon change to ensure quality printed cards. Resin-only print ribbons consist of a continuous roll of a single resin color. No protective overlay panel (O) is provided because resin images do not require the protection of an overlay.
Simple steps for Installing ribbon
Ø  Pull open front cover
Ø  Insert the print ribbon cartridge into the printer.
Ø  Close the front cover.

For any of the orders please contact Sales@barcodebazar.com

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