Thursday, 6 August 2015

Canon MK2500 Ferrule Printing Machine

Barcode Bazar is authorised sellers of wide range of Ferrule Printing Machines in India, Barcode Bazar deals in Canon Ferrule Printing Machine’s and Max Letatwin Ferrule Printing Machine. You can also get all Ferrule printing consumables from Barcode Bazar..

Canon MK2500 Ferrule Printer

Amazingly fast, easy and clear! Bringing tremendous improvement in work efficiency

The MK2500 prints precise characters of up to 300dpi for tubes, labels and more. With a large LCD display and automatic full and half-cutting, it offers smooth and easy printing from start to finish.
Character sizes: 2, 3, 6mm
Print speed (tubes): up to 240cm per minute
Standard output rate 42pcs./min.*
*20mm tube, 5 full-size characters, consecutive print mode, fast cutting

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