Thursday, 11 August 2016

Thermal Transfer Ribbons: Barcode Bazar

Barcode Bazar is leading barcode solution provider. we always have stock of barcode printer, ribbon , scanner and blank labels. There are Three type of thermal transfer ribbons wax, wax/ resin  and resin  so its important to know the application of printing labels to decrease the cost of printing. 

The most cheap of all thermal transfer ribbons. Wax ribbons have a high percentage of wax based substance in the colorant. Most wax ribbons are made with a single colorant layer. This ribbon  can print at lower heat settings or energy due to waxes have lower melting points than resin substances. Wax ribbon use for softer image it is not durable against smudge, scratch, chemical and environmental resistance. Wax ribbons can be used for general purpose labeling, shipping labels, address labels, garment tags, price tickets, warehouse applications, compliance label printing, including shelf and bin labels, retail tag and label applications. 

This is the meddle series of thermal ribbon which is combination of wax and resin which provide the  little durability according to wax. Wax / Resin ribbons are made of two or more layers. Printing with Wax / Resin ribbons takes place at a highier heat or energy setting then wax ribbons. As resins are harder then waxes image durability ,chemical resistance and abrasion smudge scratch resistance is more than that of wax based ribbons. They also assure excellent edge definition. Wax / Resin ribbons can be used with glossy or smooth surfaces, synthetic materials

This ribbon use for high quality and durable printing it contain highest percentage of resin materials. Most Resin ribbons are made up of two are more layers. Printing with resin ribbons is done at high energy levels or heat settings as resins have a high melting point. But the resultant printing images bear a very high resistance to chemicals, heat, abrasion resistance and other environmental conditions. Resin Ribbons are best suited for use with textile apparel or garment labels like (taffeta / satin), high gloss coated materials like polyesters, polyolefins, destructible vinyl, warranty void labels, labels which are to be exposed to harsh environments like chemical drum labels, medical and pharmaceutical labeling, as well as industrial and automotive applications. Resin ribbons are the most expensive of thermal transfer ribbons

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